Thursday, January 16, 2014


My friend Audrey had a cute little baby girl.  Her name is June, I think that's such a precious name.  Her sister Chloe is my favorite little person.  She once called my light switch a witch, and told me to "flip the witch", repeatedly.  I loved it!

This is just a preview of the girls.  This may seem unprofessional, but I'm going to own this learning process by sharing the good and the bad.  So, here it goes.  I lost a roll of film.  All 36 frames....nothing.  I've never loaded a roll of film wrong in the past, but I did this time and everything I took that I thought was so amazing didn't even make it onto the film.  This makes me very sad, but hey, one more thing to always check and make sure I take care of before I go on a shoot with all film.  :)

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