Friday, July 19, 2013

Developing Talents. Finding my Way.

It's no secret that I love photography.  Always have.  I grew up helping my Dad pack up his gear on weekends to shoot weddings and mounting prints in my Grandpa's studio.  I loved the smell of film developing in college and I still get super giddy when I open a new roll of film to load into my camera.

The art of taking a photograph, in my opinion, has left the camera and moved to the computer where you can manipulate a simple shot to look "artsy" and adjust the levels to perfection.  I believe that perfection lies in film and the skill of the photographer with their gear.  I am no where near perfect and I have so many questions and much to learn; however, one has to start somewhere and these photos are my beginning.

In my perfect world I drop $2,500 to go to a FIND workshop and then drop another three grand or so on a Contax 645  with 80mm 1.2 Zeiss lens, or a Rolleiflex twin lens reflex, but the reality is that I need to save up for a while before that can become a reality.  So, here I am with my Canon EOS 3 and trusty lenses learning as much as I can from books, websites, and experience.  Enjoy!

 I used Kodak Portra 400 which has warm tones.  I feel like the color is off, but then again I did get these processed at Fred Meyer!  It was my test roll to make sure my camera worked (and boy, does it work!  I love it!).  In the future I need to use a light meter (which I'm buying shortly) and process at an professional lab.

Asher and I love to hike, so he willingly obliged to my lens in his face for 40 minutes.  He also loves to play "Puppy", hence the ball in his mouth.  He is my life.  


  1. I love your pictures! I am in no way a photographer but my daughter loves the camera. She has found her passion.

  2. I am no way a photographer but I have to say I think it is a true art when you can take a great picture without having to adjust it with a computer. Although that is fun, I respect the photographers that don't need all the artsy edits. Keep up the great work Ruth.

    1. I just saw your comment Holly! Thanks! I'm getting back into blogging after being so distracted with all the other social media options out there. I also have 3 rolls of film to develop! So, more soon.