Thursday, April 19, 2012


The fun thing about having your own "business" is that if you're really not that serious about it yet you can pretty much do whatever you want until you are doing exactly what you want, how you want.  I haven't completely decided if I want to shoot film or digital or both, but right now I'm very much loving my drug store kodak 400 shots.

I've been metering in camera and then going a 1/2 or 1 stop up.  I tend to like slightly brighter photos and it's easier to fix an overexposed shot than an underexposed one.  This film is grainy, but it's inexpensive.  It picks up color really easily which is kind of cool and bad if you don't want a florescent glare on someones skin. :)

Anyway, take a look.  My 11 month old is my subject and composition hasn't been a priority (although I admit that I need to improve my composition dramatically), so bare with me as these are not the most amazing photos.  Also, I am happy to say that my rolls have mostly good shots!

Here are a few.

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