Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Senior Shoot ~ Seattle Style

I hope you're sitting down for this post (well, you probably don't stand when you're at the computer) because these photos are amazing!  I used to live in Timerie's basement when Shem and I were first married, we rented it from her parents.  It's been so fun to see her grow up from being a freshmen into a beautiful, inteligent, and fun  young woman and these pictures show just how amazing she is.

This shoot also developed a theme too.  It's color!  We found so many places with murals and pops of color and we used them in almost every shot.  Timerie is all about color...just check out her purses below.

Love the orange store front!
 She wanted a picture with a puddle and we found one even though it has been sunny around here.

 Beautiful in black and white!

 Some awesome back lighting!  I just love the sun!
 I love her tank...I mean car!  She's quite fond of it too, hence the photos.

 The gum wall.

 She loves her purses and I love these pics. 

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