Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Go, Go, Go!

This little girl is fast! Her attention span is about as long as 2 seconds and she has a mind of her own. So, how do you take a cute picture of a little girl that moves? Well, you try to bribe her with raisins and then you give up and take pictures of her doing what she wants to do. I think that this is totally fun too! Why make the wiggle-worm sit still for a picture in misery when you can take pictures of them exploring, running, making funny faces, etc.?! Enjoy!

 One sitting down shot in front of the tree.
 Trying to escape.
 She was fascinated with my batteries, lenses, etc.
 Playing with Dad's blackberry, ear piece, and laptop while looking oh-so-cute!
 Reaching an ornament...notice the lack of decorations below?
 Sucking on my shutter release cable...she loves gadgets!
 She let me take this picture of her shoes!  She's all girl!
 Cooperating for Mom and photographer #1, or is this #2?
One last very cute smile!

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