Sunday, May 9, 2010

This weekend.

This weekend was full of fun, work, and some much needed relaxation for my hubby and I.  Did I mention that I loved the warm sunny weather this weekend too?  It was fabulous!
We had a surprise party for my MIL and these were the pretty flowers on the table.
My niece picked this bouquet for my MIL.  Isn't she talented!  She did a great job of putting the flowers and colors together.
And yours truly.  Hanging out, laying in the sun on the grass at the park. 


  1. great photos ruth! just a thought, i noticed (and maybe its because i was guilty of doing the same thing) that all of your photos have vignettes. Its not a bad thing by any means but i found that with my photos, it became really redundant. Its a really hard "addiction" to break :) but i would try leaving the vignettes out every once in a while, especially with photos that are brighter than others. anyway, i know youre probably not looking for advice on how to edit your photos but it was just a thought. i was doing the same thing and when i left the vignette out i found that it really brightened up some of my pictures. not to say that you should completely kick it to the curb but maybe save it for the pictures that really need that special touch. the picture of you on the grass looks great with the vignette, the photos with the flowers dont look BAD with it, but dont necessarily NEED it. anyways, ill stop "bossing" you around lol. great pictures tho. very colorful!! keep up the good work. p.s. - sorry this was so long lol

  2. I'll consider that. I do use it a lot and you're right, maybe I don't need to use it all of the time.

  3. hey mrs thompson

    - anonymous