Sunday, March 28, 2010

Localized adjustments in Lightroom

Recently I started to think that I had a pretty good understanding of Lightroom and then I bought a book and discovered the local adjustment tools. :)  I feel like a whole new world has been presented to me and I want to discover how all of these tools work.  So, I took a picture of myself (Shem really took it) and started to tinker a bit.

Here is what I came up with before using the adjustment brush:
In this first one I only used the aged photo preset and I decreased the clarity to give my skin a soft look (it also reduces the apperance of blemishes).  When I first edited this photo I really wished that my lips had been more red and that my eyes were brighter.
Check out what the adjustment brush was able to do:
With the adjustment brush I was able to brighten and enhance my eyes, put some color into my lips, and whiten my teeth.  What do you think?  I really like the effect on the eyes.  When I take pictures I always try to get a nice shimmer in the eyes.


  1. thats pretty cool!! i didnt know you could do that in lightroom either. i know how to do it in photoshop but thats good to know. what book did you get?

  2. Yeah, I didn't know you could do that in lightroom, either. I also wish we could make those adjustments on ourselves in real life. Wouldn't that be nice? A little glaussian blur here, a little lighter there, a little color here, etc... :) ha!