Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mount Vernon Tulip Festival

While I was at the Tulip Festival I really wanted to take some pictures of some kids playing in the fields and I thought to myself that I would offer my assistance to the next family that asked me to take a picture with their camera. So, a family came along, they needed assistance and in turn they allowed me to take some family photos with my camera. :) We both assured one another that we weren't creepers and exchanged phone numbers and emails in order for me to send them the shots. I had so much fun with these kids and they really just did their thing without any prompts from me.

Tulip fields w/o color...I can't think of words to describe this photo, feel free to share your adjectives with me!

Shem asked me why I took a picture of a dead flower and I just responded: "why not?" it looks cool, so I took it!


  1. Ruth, I love your tulip photos! So beautiful and vibrant. Except, the Tulip field without color - which is probably my favorite. An adjective that comes to mind is 'antique'... I'm trying to think of words to put with the feeling... it's like a quiet energy - like unto how it feels right before it rains. Not sure how else to describe it. It's just an awesome photo. :)

  2. Ha ha! The color scheme is called "aged" which fits well with antique. :) I love the feeling it gives the photo, but maybe I should post the full color version just to see the contrast. :)